What’s New in LoadRunner 12

A brand spanking new version of LoadRunner is out, and Northway has the dirt! Buckle up, there is some cool stuff in HP LoadRunner version 12.

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HP Service Virtualization: Test Earlier and Improve Time to Market (TTM)

A fundamental shift is taking place in application development. Composite applications are in the forefront of enterprise software development where technology vendors are rapidly developing applications in a composite platform, providing greater flexibility for development teams to create applications which rely on an array of back-end services to deliver software.

Applications are progressively relying on in-house and third-party developed services to interface with data-driven applications. The increasing complexity of software architecture, as well as attempting to line up testing cycles with release cycles across multiple vendors’ services, increases the complexity of testing and the duration of software testing cycles.

Using HP Service Virtualization can alleviate testing challenges, helping to decrease TTM and improve the overall quality of applications, by providing a script-less interface for virtualizing services.

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Performance Testing 101: The Basics

This is the first in a multi-part series to address the basics of performance testing applications. It’s for the beginner, but it is also for the experienced engineer to share with project team members when educating them on the basics as well. This blog series will cover performance testing from a project management point of view, and describe best practices based on the years of experience Northway Solutions Group has with load testing. It will cover key questions to ask during the planning and preparation phases, and offer ways to get the answers to those questions.

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