LoadRunner 11.5 – AJAX TruClient For IE

With the move to LoadRunner 11.5, there have been updates and changes to the AJAX TruClient protocol. More specifically, there have been improvements and modifications for using it with FireFox as well as a new addition in way of support for Internet Explorer 9 with the AJAX TruClient protocol.

Firefox Enhancements

With the release of Firefox 8 in November of 2011, Loadrunner 11.5 takes advantage of the improvements that are brought to the table by Mozilla. These items include improved audio and video elements, and other HTML5 improvements.

Other additions include: the ability to re-use and share out functions, event handlers to support asynchronous behaviors, and automatic transactions per step.

Internet Explorer

AJAX TruClient now supports IE 9. This is now available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Applications to be tested must work in IE9 (standard mode) to be officially supported.

This is an important step forward for companies that build software that only support IE or if IE is the preferred browser of choice. Up until now, testers were forced to test TruClient against Firefox sites and ended up finding bugs that only occur in FireFox. At the same time, the bugs that existed in IE only were not detected. AJAX TruClient for IE solves this dilemma.

Share with us your thoughts on the AJAX TruClient protocol, and let us know how using it with Internet Explorer is working for you.

What's Next?

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  • http://pretenseofknowledge.com/ speedmaster

    That new Firefox TC stuff looks slick, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Anamika

    I had done scripting with AJAX TruClient protocol on IE9, while recording some of the pop ups are coming, how i get rid of these popups.

    • Sara Blade

      You must ensure that your app supports IE 9 in, “standard mode.” Truclient will not work on earlier versions of IE. Do you still have the same problem?

  • Deepak


    We have recorded an application using Ajax Tru Client protocol ( as this is the only protocol supported) and a pop – up ( confirmation pop up before logging out on saving data) is recorded while doing the recording ( which is expected as per the application flow) but while replaying it is not able to recognized and it is failing at this step. I am not able to do Object identification as I do not see the Object arguments in that step. It is recorded as separate step.

    Could you please let me know the solution of it.
    Thanks in advance.