LoadRunner 11.5 Installation

Now that LoadRunner 11.5 is officially out, I wanted to share with you the LoadRunner 11.5 step by step installation to show you what’s changed. Each machine on which you are installing LoadRunner requires administration privileges.You’ll notice a new color theme for the splash screens and resulting install pages.

LoadRunner 11.5 Install Splash ScreenLoadRunner 11.5 Install - Step 2Click on “I Agree” in the EULA:

LoadRunner 11.5 Install - Step 3Fill out your Name and Organization information and click next.

LoadRunner 11.5 Install - Step 4Accept the default installation folder or change it to something else. Select which shortcuts you want to keep:

LoadRunner 11.5 Install - Step 5Click Next to being the install:

LoadRunner 11.5 Install - Step 6And off we go…

LoadRunner 11.5 Install - Step 7

If you are interested in a silent download, first Install the prerequisite software. For the full list of prerequisite software, see “Prerequisite Software” on page 17 of the installation guide. You can begin the silent installation only after all the prerequisite  software is installed.

To install all of the LoadRunner components, run one of the following commands from the command line depending on the CPU architecture (32-bit or 64-bit):


msiexec.exe /qn /i "<Installation_disk>\lrunner\MSI\LoadRunner_x64.msi"


msiexec.exe /qn /i "<Installation_disk>\lrunner\MSI\LoadRunner_x86.msi"

Ensure that you run the appropriate MSI version for your operating system. You can use standard MSI command line options to define installation properties. For example, use TARGETDIR to specify an alternate installation folder.

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  • bogszy

    can anyone tell me if i can install a stand alone Controller??
    does it have any dependencies with other components??