HP QTP Training Class in Atlanta, GA (10/14/13)

Northway Solutions Group hosted an HP QTP Training Class in Atlanta, GA the week of October 14, 2013. Five students attended this instructor-led class to learn the fundamentals of functional test automation using QTP/UFT, and to learn advanced scripting techniques to build skills beyond the scope of basic automation.

We’d like to congratulate Josh, Chris, Sylvia, Leslie and Anita for passing the course and thank them for being exceptional students. Each student was able to demonstrate proficiency in the skills learned using our objective-based lab exercises.

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HP QTP Training – Learn QTP/UFT from the Best HP Certified Instructors

In order to properly learn QTP/UFT and best practices around test automation, it is important to attend a well-constructed, formal HP QTP training class. A structured education can provide you with the foundational knowledge that is critical to automation success, and formal training will teach you the best practices needed to get the most ROI out of the tools.

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