The Maturity Model for Performance Testing

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I have been studying the maturity model put forth by Mercury around performance testing. Here’s a graphic representation of it.

I have some thoughts about it, but before I get off on a rant, I thought it was only fair to put some brief points and descriptions around each phase. Obviously, this is borrowed from the CMM model.

Take a look at some of the qualities below that describe the stages and think about where your own company fits into this model. If you are a consultant, think about the clients you have been at over the last 6 months. How do they rate?

Stage 1: Project Testing

  • Little or no testing infrastructure
  • Ad-hoc testing
  • No formal reporting and limited visibility
  • No Scheduling. In-house resources pushed to get testing completed right before production roll-out.
  • No standard test tool. Freeware from the web or whatever you can get
  • Limited knowledge of performance testing methodology. Unclear objectives.
  • “Just get the project done”

Stage 2: Product Utility

  • 24×7 enterprise-wide testing infrastructure
  • Management console and reports
  • Resources scheduling
  • Web-enabled, collaborative testing
  • Best in class testing capabilities

Stage 3: Service Utility

  • Provides testing services across multiple lines of business
  • Processes: known standards, collaborative workflows
  • Project management
  • Internal billing capabilities
  • Dashboard: visibility into project status

Stage 4: Performance Authority

  • Standardized services and metrics based on best practices
  • Real-time visibility and end-to-end traceability
  • Knowledge / expertise sharing
  • Centralized management and authority
  • Testing community

Is your organization using Performance Center? If so, what do you think about PC? Post a comment below and let’s discuss it.

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