VuGen RTE Protocol: Autogenerate Transactions

This custom RTE function will auto generate a transaction timing
for every TE_wait_text. Paste this code into the top of your script,
or use as an include file.
Replace TE_wait_text with this function called TE_custom_wait_text
using the search and replace tool. 
int TE_custom_wait_text ( char * text, int timeout)
  int rtnCode = 0;
  char myTransName[24];
  char spacelessText[24];
  char * spacePointer; 
  memset ( spacelessText, '\0', sizeof(spacelessText)); 
    * spacePointer = '_';
  sprintf (myTransName, "Trans_%s", spacelessText); 
  lr_start_transaction( myTransName ); 
  rtnCode = TE_wait_text(text, 90); 
  lr_end_transaction (myTransName, rtnCode);

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