HP Agile Manager (SaaS)

All too often IT organizations feel the pressure of meeting ever increasing time-to-market demands. The business pushes the team to innovate faster, while at the same time pushing back on what is delivered when it misses the mark. This pressure often results in organizations taking a hard look at the traditional waterfall methodology with their huge and cumbersome projects that promise value in months and sometimes years. This modern delivery model requires a more agile approach to delivery. When organizations adopt Agile methodologies they are trying to address the need to deliver value in weeks and sometimes months rather than years. The Scrum Alliance indicates that 80% of all agile projects are doing Scrum, with a backlog of user stories that are managed on a physical Scrum board. While this works well for a single team in a small enterprise, larger organizations are struggling to effectively execute agile Scrum across larger distributed teams. This is where HP Agile Manager can help.

HP Agile Manager is an on-demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for Agile Project Management. HP Agile Manager software acts as the communication hub and decision support system to organize, plan, and deliver Agile projects. The software empowers teams to virtually manage their backlog and Scrum board while supporting popular Agile methodologies such as Scrum. The HP Agile Manager software is delivered as a Service which is available either on a month-to-month subscription basis or on a flexible term subscription basis thereby accommodating the timelines and budget of virtually any project.

HP Agile Manager presents, in real-time, a familiar view of your Scrum in a Web interface, so that everyone has easy visibility into the same information and insight into potential issues. Agile Manager supports:

  • Product Backlog: define and refine user stories, putting the ability to manage a backlog right into the hands of the Product Owner
  • Release Planning: prioritizing items from the product backlog and assigning them to a release (release backlog).
  • Sprint Planning: the next level down where stories from the release backlog are allocated across various sprints and teams (sprint backlog) using team capacity and historic velocity as guidance.
  • Sprint execution: executing against the sprint backlog - creation of the specific tasks, completion of those tasks, and updates to progress meeting the definition of done.
  • Visibility & Insight: Occurring throughout, this provides transparency to all the team members and stakeholders so everyone is aware of the entire project flow, issues and bottlenecks that exist, and is pulling in the same direction.

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Benefits of Agile Manager

  • On-demand Pay-as-you-go fee structure
  • Self-service administration
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Enterprise SaaS

Additional Benefits of Agile Manager

HP Agile Manager provides application teams with rich agile activity management and real-time insights about the status of source code, builds, and unit tests. A critical part of its analytics capabilities is how it aggregates source code and build management information from heterogeneous development environments and surfaces the meaningful data to provide team members and leaders with greater real-time insight.

At the core of HP Agile Manager is HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI), a technology that was originally developed as part of the HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software. HP ALI aggregates information from multiple development tools to establish complete traceability in the development process and surface actionable information for the team and stakeholders alike. HP ALI achieves this by taking information from development environments such as build servers and source code repositories and links this with project information like release plans, user stories, defects and tests.

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Becoming agile requires more than simply making the decision to transform from a waterfall methodology to an agile methodology. Effective agile transformation requires a level of discipline and maturity to effectively adopt Scrum methods, paired with strong transformation plans and tools. Without an effective program plan, managing the transformation across the enterprise is difficult and has a high risk of failure. Northway has the experience and “best practices” to ensure your transformation initiatives are a success. We help our organization drive standardization and adoption across the enterprise. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools, processes, and education necessary to build a world class agile organization.

We offer the following services for HP Agile Manager:

  • Agile Transformation Mentoring
  • Short and Long term enablement projects

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