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Not taking performance testing seriously means you may not know how well (or how poor) your application performs under load. Poor performance in production applications can result in disgruntled end users and in some cases user abandonment. In mobile situations, users have very little patience for poor performance, bad experiences, and unfriendly GUI interfaces. They react immediately and publicly, which can affect the reputation of your businesses.

Are you taking the time to properly tune your application before rolling it out to production, or are you just accepting the risk as well as the impact of the risk? We understand that it’s not always easy to engineer performance into the software development lifecycle, and that only underscores the importance of Performance testing. In today’s IT reality, there are many new challenges:

  1. Cloud and composite applications are increasingly complex
  2. Customers demand exceptional performance from mobile applications
  3. The continues to increase
  4. Packaged applications update more frequently due to patches and hotfixes
  5. Projects and delivery teams are both agile and global

With HP’s LoadRunner and Performance Center products, project teams are able to effectively conduct load and performance testing of their solutions before impacting production users. With LoadRunner’s wide range of supported protocols (over 50), project teams are able effectively test nearly any application. Adding HP Diagnostics, difficult and deep code-related issues can be uncovered and corrected before end users discover the problems.

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Benefits of HP LoadRunner

Reduce Risk of deploying systems that do not meet performance requirements and SLAs.

Reduce Cost by predicting scalability and capacity and eliminating over-deployment.

Reduce Time by shortening test cycle time and accelerating delivery of high quality application.

Additional Benefits of HP Performance Center

Centralization: Coordinate and collaborate to complete more performance testing in less time. Centralize the management and control of performance testing projects, users, and global resources from a centralized location. Increase testing capacity by delivering global 24x7 access to testing resources with a Web-based interface, pooled infrastructure, and shared licensing model. Get better utilization and ROI out of the existing infrastructure used for performance testing today.

Standardization: Streamline and standardize the testing process with a centralized performance testing practice, using common resources and consistent procedures - create a Testing Center of Excellence. Help achieve consistent quality across enterprise applications by applying the same tools, expertise, and common practices across all IT projects. Audit, use, and bill lines of business for the time and resources used, which helps establish the return on investment (ROI) for the business.

Let Northway Solutions Group Help You!

Effective testing needs to be accompanied by strong process that can work with waterfall, agile, and continuous development and deployment. Performance testing cannot be just another checklist item. Without good processes, performance testing will always be reactive instead of proactive, and executed too late in the development and testing cycles to be truly effective.

Northway offers performance engineers with a structured performance testing methodology. Our best practices help detect performance bottlenecks early in the testing cycle. Our goal is to provide immediate ROI and longer term solutions.

Northway has been a leading provider of Performance testing services for over a decade. We are the leading experts when it comes to using HP’s LoadRunner in the Enterprise. Whether you are deploying a new web-based Rich Internet Application, a Citrix/Xenapp deployed application, Mobile applications, or packaged applications such as Hyperion, Oracle Financials, and SAP modules – Northway has the experience to handle it and the related challenges.

We offer the following performance engineering services for HP LoadRunner and Performance Center:

  • Training classes for LoadRunner and Performance Center
  • Installation and configuration services
  • Mentoring services
  • Short and Long term implementation and enablement projects
  • Planning, Automation, Test Execution, and Results Analysis

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