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As application development trends toward more composite, service-oriented architecture approaches, it is becoming more and more challenging to test these applications. Any access limitations, unavailability of dependent services and/or data sources can delay projects and testing timelines. These challenges are amplified in agile environments where release cycles are compressed.

Other challenges of testing composite applications:

  1. Dependent Service still under development and not ready
  2. Service Vendor may not allow performance testing
  3. Dependent service is pay-per-use, therefore expensive to test against
  4. Shared services only available for testing only in limited capacity at off-peak hours
  5. Security restrictions imposed by the service vendor
  6. Dependency on firewall ports to access the service

The good news is that service virtualization technologies like HP Service Virtualization can enable you to address these challenges easily.

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Benefits of Service Virtualization

Faster Release Cycles:  Speeds development and testing cycles by removing delays due to restricted access or the overhead of creating customized stubs.

Reduce Infrastructure:  A virtualized environment can eliminate the need of standing up dedicated service infrastructures by virtualizing a wide range of services from a single service virtualization setup.

Decreased Third-party Access Expenses:  For applications that rely on pay-per-use services, the cost can be significantly reduced or completely eliminated in testing cycles by using simulated instances of those components.

Reduce Cost:  Test earlier in the cycle or sprint, without the necessity of having the end-system ready. As a result, defects can be identified earlier when they are cheaper and quicker to fix.

Improve Quality:  A virtualized service environment enables testers to increase use case coverage and provides the ability to test scenarios which are impossible to test otherwise.

How Northway Solutions can Help

Northway has been a leading provider of Test Management, Test Automation and Performance testing services for over a decade. As technologies evolve, we are consistently at the forefront of providing cutting-edge solutions to help customers improve the quality of their applications and help them go to market with their applications faster. Our service virtualization offering is focused on helping clients with complex service dependent applications by removing delays caused due to service dependencies and enable them to deliver quality applications on time.

We have a structured approach where our experts can evaluate your application architecture and implement a service virtualization strategy that fits your business goals. We can help you get started quickly and easily with HP’s Service Virtualization product. Our goal is to provide immediate ROI and help improve TTM (Time to Market) with your applications.

We offer the following services for HP Service Virtualization:

  • 2 week Quick Start package
  • Installation and configuration
  • Mentoring
  • Long term implementation and enablement

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