HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing) and QTP

HP_UFT_259x192.jpgSoftware failures can put your business at risk and affect your credibility in the eyes of your customers and stakeholders.

HP Functional Testing delivers a complete automated testing solution for functional, GUI and regression testing that helps you reduce the risks of application failures. This software testing solution enables your QA team to identify and correct defects across a wide breath of application environments, data sets and business processes. You can also create sophisticated test suites with minimal training and easily perform regression testing in constantly changing environments.

HP Unified Functional Testing brings together HP QuickTest Professional, all HP QuickTest Professional add-ins and HP Service Test. This powerful combination of functional testing tools allows you to conduct both manual and automated testing for both GUI) -–based (Graphical User Interface) applications and headless services.

Key Features of HP UFT

  • Powerful visual user experience and toolset that caters to both beginner and advanced automation engineers
  • Unified IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that allows for GUI as well as API (service) test automation
  • Easy conversion of manual tests to automated tests
  • Process guidance to set and standardize the test development process
  • Ability to test emerging technologies with innovative Image based object recognition
  • Tight integration with HP Business Process Testing and HP Application Lifecycle Management

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Benefits of Automation

Reduce Risk: Provide more comprehensive test coverage which may not be possible manually due to time constraints or hard-pressed deadlines.

Reduce Time: Automated scripts run substantially faster than manual scripts and can be run unattended, 24/7, across multiple platforms, browsers and environments simultaneously, which reduces the overall time taken to complete testing cycles.

Improve Reliability: Once automated tests are developed, the tests will consistently perform the same operations for every run. This effectively eliminates human errors made by manual testers.

Reduce Cost: Re-using automation scripts that have been previously executed against other versions of the application removes the need to create new scripts for new versions.

Improve Quality: With automation, you can increase the depth and scope of testing possible for each release. Increased coverage will allow you to uncover bugs earlier.

How Can Northway Help?

Northway offers not only deep knowledge in testing, but also the “best practices” to ensure your automation initiatives are a success. We help your organization drive standardization across the enterprise. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools, processes, and education necessary to build a world class testing organization.

Northway is a leading provider of test automation solutions. Whether the application under test is a standard client/server application, Web, Mobile or a Service based application, we have the expertise to overcome all of the automation challenges.

We offer the following test automation services around HP UFT and HP QTP:

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