Performance Testing

Do you know whether your mission-critical applications will meet the performance and scalability that your business requires? How do you decrease the risk of poor application performance or catastrophic failure when deploying a multi-user system? Is your application infrastructure optimized?

Performance issues in production can disrupt business, impair productivity and impact credibility. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that all applications are thoroughly testing before going live. However, with today’s complex applications that include multiple servers, network devices and distributed software components, it has become increasingly difficult to isolate, identify and fix the causes of failures. To effectively test these complex applications you need the right processes, expertise and technology.

Making Northway Solutions Group your performance testing partner is the fastest way to get a total solution to address all your performance testing requirements across the enterprise.

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Service Overview

Northway’s performance testing service is designed to help mitigate the risks of application failures and ensure performance in production. After more than a decade of performance testing experience we have developed sound processes and methodologies that help take the guess work out of performance testing and provide a disciplined approach that provides predictable outcomes. With this structured approach we have helped clients optimize their application infrastructures, thus ensuring the best possible end user experience for their applications. The goal of our performance service is to provide you the best practices and tools expertise to help you meet your application performance objectives at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

Our Methodology

Northway’s methodology uses a structured approach to performance testing thus making it efficient and repeatable. The framework takes a proactive rather than a reactive approach – with emphasis on detailed system usage analysis and planning before actual test executions.


Methodology Highlights

  • End user usage analysis prior to any test execution to ensure real world simulation
  • Consistent, predictable and repeatable Process
  • Application Agnostic, hence can be adopted to any environment
  • Provide communication and clear visibility in every stage of the testing process
  • Provide meaningful metrics analysis and reports
  • Leverage of industry standard best Practices
  • Flexibility to integrate methodology into any software development lifecycle approach

Credentials & Expertise

While most consulting firms have a Testing Practice as only a small part of their larger IT consulting business, Northway Solutions Group differentiates itself by being a specialist in the Quality Management arena.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Experience: We have more than 10,000 man hours of performance testing experience testing complex, multi-platform environments across various industries. 
  • Certifications: All our consultants are certified in Industry leading tools like HP’s LoadRunner and Performance Center.
  • Deep Technical Expertise: With Engineering and Software development backgrounds, our trained consultants are intimately familiar with today’s complex technologies and testing challenges associated with them. 
  • Beyond Testing: With multiple performance testing and tuning engagements under our belt, we leverage our tuning knowledge base to recommend best remediation options for identified bottlenecks
  • Flexible Sourcing: Whether it is on-site, offsite or a hybrid model, we can provide the right Performance testing expertise at the right time and within budget

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