Quality Management

Northway Solutions Group service offerings provide a balanced approach to managing your IT enterprise. With a solid foundation in process, an organization can then leverage the efficiency of industry leading tools, and can invest in attracting, training and retaining the best talent in the marketplace.

We combine our knowledge of Functional and Performance Validation along with Optimization best practices to help our clients develop comprehensive strategies for successful product development and deployment. Our complete focus on quality management, coupled with a deep understanding of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) enables us to provide practical solutions that maximize testing efficiency and minimize the risks involved in building complex systems.

We understand that when integrating and implementing quality into a product or organization there is no one-solution-fits-all. Factors like the organizational structure, nature of business supported, available skill set, size of the company, and available tools are some of the factors that impact the software test strategy. Keeping that in mind, we tailor our QA and testing plans to fit the specific needs of each of our clients to ensure success.

Leveraging our formal methodology, industry best practices and leading edge testing tools, our QA experts provide a fresh approach to addressing today’s testing challenges. Whether you use a traditional Waterfall methodology, Agile or any hybrid approach to development, you can be sure that all aspects of QA and quality control (QC) processes are executed and managed with the right approach, the right tools and at the right time. Let Northway Solutions Group develop a solution that meets with your unique business needs:

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Sound Processes

  • Methodology Assessments (PMO, PM, BA, QA)
  • Methodology design, Implementation & Support 
  • Compliance Methodology Implementation 


Useful Tools 

  • Tool Assessment & Selection (PM, BA, QA) 
  • Tool Implementation (Quality Center) 
  • Process Enablement (Workflow Customization) 

Skilled Workforce

  • Tool Training & Education (Quality Center) 
  • Skills Assessment (PM, BA, QA) 
  • Skills Based Education (PM, BA, QA) 
  • Custom Curriculum Development (PMBOK, BABOK, CMMI)


We work with your team to deliver solutions that not only meet industry best practices, but more
importantly solutions that work in your environment.


Our Vision

vision.pngOur vision is simple, but powerful. We strive to improve the ability of our Clients to satisfy their customers with quality software products and services, through:

  • Process Solutions
  • Tool Solutions
  • Education Solutions

The Quality Management Practice delivers solutions that focus on people, process and technology to help transform organizations into "world class" Testing Centers of Excellence. Northway helps clients drive their organizational transformation initiatives through the implementation of sound processes, useful tools and a skilled workforce. The Quality Management practice includes strategic consulting around the entire software development lifecycle utilizing a vast knowledge base and real world experience across multiple markets, including financial and healthcare verticals.



Process Solutions

Northway Solutions Group helps your organization to work through all of the industry best practices, industry standards, and regulations to build a methodology that not only meets with your governance needs, but truly provides your company with a competitive advantage. Our associates understand your governance pressures and can help your organization develop testing practices that are aligned with those standards. One of the biggest challenges that face our Clients is balancing the need to have lightweight and agile processes with the need to meet the expectations of the regulatory bodies. Northway has experience navigating this regulatory environment, while developing efficient processes that drive "value" to the enterprise.


Northway Solutions Group can help your organization assess their processes, whether fully documented or accomplished through “tribal knowledge” to identify gaps in process coverage where risk can adversely affect the delivery of quality solutions to the enterprise. Whether you have a set of documented processes and procedures that you want Northway to review for improvements or you are just getting started and need to define processes from the ground up, Northway Solutions Group will bring industry best practices, templates, and the appropriate governance standards together to develop a solution that works for your organization.


Tool Solutions

The marketplace is full of tools that promise to solve all of your organization’s problems. You buy in to the marketing "hype" then find yourself with a tool that looks nothing like the slick marketing version of the tool you thought you were buying. Northway Solutions Group helps you select the tool your organization truly "needs" then helps you align the tool with your organization’s processes.

6d.pngNorthway Solutions leverages our standardized 6D tool configuration and development methodology to understand your enterprise and then to align the tools that you purchase with your organizations processes. One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is investing heavily into a testing solution only to struggle to obtain "buy in" and penetration into the organization. Northway understands these challenges and has developed a methodology that helps the organization to move the tool to the processes that are already well established within the enterprise. By helping the organization to bring the tool to the process the client is able to reduce the amount of resistance to the toolset and improve the adoption of the tools. It is having tools "Your Way"!

Find out more about 6D on this page.


Education Solutions

The key to the successful transformation of any organization is an environment that supports and rewards teams for "doing the right things". Northway Solutions Group works with the organization to help “institutionalize” the process and tools, thus enabling the business to fully "own" their success. Resources that are knowledgeable and able to leverage standardized processes and tools are key to that success. Northway Solutions Group is committed to the development of the most critical success factor in project success: Human Factors. Northway Solutions Group provides the education and mentoring opportunities necessary for project teams to effectively manage projects and deliver value to the business.

Northway Solutions Group can help your company identify the skills and competencies that are important for every level of resource within your organization. A key to having a highly motivated testing team is to ensure that they understand what is expected of them, and to invest in their competency. Northway will help you develop a CRitical Skills Certification (CRSC) matrix that identifies all of the experience factors that define each level of resource within your team. This CRSC provides a roadmap for your education team, as well as, helps you set goals and objectives for your staff.


Northway Solutions Group understands the unique training needs of testing professionals. Our experience in the development of training programs and role descriptions will help streamline the training plan for any testing organization, and "raise the bar" for testing professionals. Northway has adopted a three-pronged approach to education for testing resources.


Formal Education

formal_education.pngNorthway Solutions Group believes that testing is a discipline that deserves trained and competent testing professionals. Just as developers need formal training to become effective at a specific language or development technique, testers need formal training to understand how to effectively design and execute test cases. It isn’t enough to pull a bunch of Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the business and expect that because they know the business they will be competent at discovering all of the defects in your solutions. There are many testing techniques, such as, Boundary Value Analysis, Pairwise, Decision Tables, Data Flow Analysis, and much more. Having a solid understanding of how and when to use these techniques is a key to successful test design. Northway Solutions Group can help your organization to define a program of formal education opportunities that help your testing organization maximize their test design and development toolkit.

Business Emersion

Providing your testing staff with formal education in testing is just one part of developing your testing staff. Just as important is to provide your team with the business knowledge necessary to provide them with "business perspective". Having a business perspective helps the tester to see more in the solution they are testing than just the requirements that are documented. Often times the requirements are not at sufficient detail to ensure that all aspects of the business processes and requirements are understood. Business emersion ensures that the testing team is trained in the business processes that the solution will support. business_emersion.pngThis emersion can be obtained through "job shadowing", or through having the testing staff participate in end user training right alongside of the business associates.

Many companies have moved to a blended testing model where much of the testing is designed and executed in an "offshore" model. This presents many issues to the testing team as these offshore resources often lack the "business perspective" and miss obvious defects that are in the solution, but are not well documented in detailed requirements. The business is frustrated by the blatant misses by the offshore team, and they complain that the offshore team needs to have a basic understanding of the industry they are providing testing services for. This is where Northway can help your organization identify the types of training opportunities that will help both your onsite and offshore testing teams to obtain the business domain knowledge needed to deliver fully tested solutions.

On-the-Job Training

Many times new associates are thrown into the job with little or no training. They are expected to get up to speed by doing the job. This often is mistaken as an On-the-Job (OJT) program. It is anything but OJT. It is really trial-by-fire, where new resources are given little to no support in learning their new position or the organizational processes and standards. Northway Solutions Group believes that OJT should be a purposeful activity that is planned, managed, and supported by leadership. Northway will help you to develop an OJT certification program that defines the experiences and demonstrated competencies that will demonstrate an associate has obtained a mastery level for their assigned role. Northway leverages a standardized approach to OJT:

OJT Level


Teach Me

This OJT level partners the candidate with a senior level certified mentor. The mentor takes the candidate through a series of policies, processes, standards, and activities that define the organizational methodology. The mentor certifies that the candidate has accomplished all objectives of this OJT level.

Show Me

In this OJT level, the candidate mirrors the mentor as the mentor accomplishes key tasks within the role of the certification level. The mentor shares key objectives and activities of each objective to ensure the candidate understands the processes and techniques of the organization. The mentor certifies that the candidate has accomplished all objectives of this OJT level.

 Let Me Show You

In the final OJT level, the candidate performs all tasks required for the certification level on their project. The mentor reviews the work products and provides feedback to the candidate on the quality of the work products. The mentor determines the competency of the candidate and if acceptable certifies that the candidate has successfully accomplished all objectives of the OJT certification.

By leveraging a planned education model for your testing organization, you can significantly improve the performance of your testing organization. Contact us today and let Northway Solutions Group work with your team to define an education plan that meets your company’s objectives.