Test Automation

In many organizations, software testing remains a cumbersome, manual, error-prone process that results in extended testing cycles. This causes delays in application releases, and often results in software that fails to meet quality standards. Test automation helps minimize that risk and ensures quality, while dramatically speeding time-to-market. Automation can improve test coverage and yield higher quality products. It can potentially save thousands of test execution hours and provide significant cost savings. However, some organizations continue to face challenges in realizing the full potential of their acquired test automation tools. The complexity of automation technologies and the lack of in-house expertise needed to implement and manage these powerful automation tools are key reasons why. This often results in poor automation practices and frustrated resources. Test engineers end up spending too much time doing script maintenance and fixing automation assets, rather than actually executing scripts and realizing the ROI of test automation.

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Northway Solutions Group understands these challenges. We have developed an automation methodology that simplifies the overall automation and automation asset management process. We use a framework driven approach to ensure that you get the most out of your automation investment. This framework based automation approach is built on three key principles – Reusability, Maintainability and Expandability. Using a software development approach to automation, we create reusable components to minimize redundancy. We design the framework for extreme script maintainability, thus minimizing time spent in updating scripts and other automation assets when application changes. We know every client’s environment is different. We follow a systematic approach that helps us understand every client’s specific testing needs. This allows us customize a solution that fits their environment. This structured approach has resulted in a high success rate in providing automation solutions that reduce time, costs and risks associated with deploying them within the Enterprise.

Structured Approach

Our structured approach to automation is as illustrated below:



Key Differentiators

Over the past 10 years, we have addressed the full spectrum of testing challenges across multiple industries. Our vast experience in implementing complete testing lifecycle solutions uniquely positions us to provide tremendous value to our clients.

We bring the following added value to every engagement:

  • Consultants certified in HP products, like Unified Functional Testing (QuickTest Pro and Service Test)
  • Proven approach that is designed to reduce risk and maximize ROI
  • Our extensive experience in developing automation frameworks for a wide range of applications ranging from packaged applications like SAP, Oracle E-Biz suite, Amdocs to in-house custom apps Multi-Industry experience
  • A flexible delivery model
  • Strong project and risk management team.

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