Automated Mobile Testing and Mobile Performance Testing

Conquer the competition and control costs as more of your customers go mobile – let Northway bulletproof your mobile application.

Mobile devices and applications are dominating the IT landscape. Consumer expectations run high, as a growing market of users insists on swift, on-demand data delivery. For you, this means staying competitive through high-quality, reliable mobile applications. Your company’s very reputation and success rests on it.

For example, Mark’s team was poised to launch a brand new product the public had long been clamoring for. Upgrading their mobile app became a top priority so all would go smoothly on its first day in the marketplace.

The big day came. There was more consumer traffic than anticipated. Connections were slow, and the app became unresponsive and displayed functional issues. During the hours of downtime for repairs, droves of unforgiving users quickly uninstalled Mark’s app – and went online to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Sarah launched her team’s own highly anticipated new product, and her app worked seamlessly. Five-star reviews promptly flooded popular websites. The company and product drew positive comments on many well-respected blogs. Sara’s team gained thousands of new customers, and saw a significant lift in sales and revenue.

The difference: Sarah teamed up with Northway for the extra protection of automated mobile app testing and mobile app performance testing before her product hit the market.

Supercharge Your Mobile App. We thoroughly test your mobile application software for functionality, consistency and performance. And because this process is automated, test coverage is expanded while time to complete testing cycles is drastically reduced – so you and your customers aren’t left stranded.

Northway’s Winning Advantage. We have official partnerships with not just one, but multiple mobile solutions vendors – HP, Mobile Labs, Perfecto Mobile and more – so our certified technicians can match the perfect mobile testing tool for your company. We can provide testing and automation skills around HP UFT as well as open source solutions like Selenium and Appium to ensure you get the most out of your mobile testing initiatives. This
means improved performance, timing and ROI for you.

Bulletproof Your App to Protect Your Brand. If you depend on the web for your business to thrive, don’t skip this important step. Count on Northway to drive up the quality of your mobile app, keep costs down. Keep customers connected and coming back as they spread positive feedback about your brand and what you have to offer.

Get bulletproof. Get Northway automated mobile testing and mobile performance testing.